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Our guide to the best shapewear for plus size ladies!

Our guide to the best shapewear for plus size ladies!
Gone are the days when plus size women wore shapewear because they felt they had to. Now we know that shapewear is not about hiding or diminishing what curves you have. Instead, it’s about accentuating and emphasising your figure to its full capacity!


Here at Conturve, we believe that shapewear can be a powerful tool of self-love and body positivity. Shapewear can encourage you to embrace and flaunt your curves in ways that you might not have felt comfortable doing so before.

Achieving total body confidence does not happen overnight, but having a pair or two of shaping garments to hand can be a great way to get you feeling more comfortable with the skin you’re in!

So, to help all you gorgeous curvy beauties out there, we thought we’d put together a guide on the best shapewear for plus size ladies!


Which shapewear is best for plus size ladies?

What shapewear fit works best for you will depend entirely on what you wish to get from your shapewear. Everybody is different, and every woman feels differently about her body.

For this reason, it might take a bit of thinking to figure out what the best plus size shapewear for your figure is. But don’t worry, our guide is designed to make your shapewear journey as seamless and straightforward as possible!



What area do you want your shapewear to target?

As hard as we try to accept our bodies without fear or hesitation, we all know it’s not that simple. Each of us faces our own unique challenges when it comes to self-love, and that’s okay.

In our experience, many women look into buying shapewear with a specific area of their body in mind. Note that we are not using the term “problem area” as there is nothing problematic or troublesome about your body!

Instead, consider how you want shapewear to help you find more confidence in your figure. Perhaps you might feel more comfortable wearing a tight dress if your silhouette was a bit smoother? Or maybe you want to emphasise and shape your hips and thighs to get that hourglass shape we all love?

Whatever area of the body you want to show some love to, there is a shapewear fit out there for you!

Here are our top picks for you:

  • High Waisted Shaping Panty - If you’re looking for plus size shapewear for lower stomach control, you can’t go wrong with a classic panty fit. Designed to smooth your tummy and snatch your waistline, body shaper panties are ideal for popping under a figure-hugging dress to really let your curves shine through!



  • Shaping SuperPower Shorts - These high-waisted shorts are great for shaping the waistline all the way to your thighs, perfect for wearing under a long dress that clings to your figure. With flexible boning built in to help shape your body and improve your posture, you can stay comfortable whilst still seeing major contouring effects!



What is the occasion?

This question is key to figuring out which plus size shapewear fit is best for you. Consider factors such as the cut of your dress and what the temperature will be like where you are going. You might find that some body shaper fits work better than others depending on the occasion.

Here are our top picks for you:

  • High Waisted Shaping Shorts - For the ladies who want to feel supported from their waistline to their thighs, these body shaper shorts are the ones for you! Wear these under long, fitted dresses for formal occasions or even under your office attire.



  • High Waisted Shaping BoyShort - Got a summer party coming up? Or maybe even a cheeky holiday? Well, you will want something that offers support whilst still leaving your legs bare. Try our shaping boyshorts for a smoothing finish that covers your tum and bum whilst still giving your legs total breathability!



  • Tear-Proof Shaping Tights - When it comes to plus size shapewear for dresses in chillier weather, you cannot go wrong with a pair of shaping tights. Sleek and stylish, our shaper tights go with pretty much any look and are incredibly comfortable. Plus, these mighty tights have been design-engineered to stay intact for longer, so you don’t have to waste your time with ripped pantyhose.



If you want more guidance on finding the best plus size shapewear for your special day, check out our blog on How to Pick the Perfect Shapewear for Your Wedding Dress!


Are you looking for everyday wear?

One of the factors to include when looking for the best plus size shapewear for you is whether or not you want something that you can put on every day or something you’ll reserve for special occasions.

Whilst our shaping panties and shorts are more than suitable for everyday wear, you might not feel like they are necessary if you’re relaxing at home in a comfy pair of tracksuit bottoms or an oversized, cosy jumper. So for those moments when you’re lounging, sleeping, or working out, there are other shapewear options for you.

Here are our top picks for you:

  • 24/7 Comfort Non-Wired Shaper Bra - For the times when you want to feel supported but don’t want to feel the discomfort of a ghastly underwire, this bra is the one for you! It comes with wide banding around your back and shoulders to prevent painful straps and a lumpy finish. Plus, they are so so comfortable; we’re officially ditching the wired bra for good!



  • Scoop Neck Cami - Want something casual to pop under your shirt? Or maybe you’re searching for sleepwear that is supportive enough to wear around the house? This shaping cami is ideal for women looking for subtle everyday smoothing and lift!



  • High Waisted Shaping Leggings - These body shaper leggings are the ideal solution to uncomfy, unflattering, and poor quality leggings that barely see you through the week. Made from robust stretch material, these stylish leggings offer total tummy support and a stunning contoured finish all the way down to your feet. Check out our 3 Looks, 1 Pair of Leggings blog for styling ideas!



How do I know what size body shaper I need?

When shopping for plus size shapewear and bras, you want to ensure you’re getting the right size. We’ve all heard the tales about shapewear pants that leave your body red and irritated or that are so tight you’re unable to finish even a single meal. If either of these ring a bell, you’re wearing the wrong size!

Some ladies do believe that the smaller size the better the effect of your shaping garment but this is a mere myth (that we debunked in our Shapewear Myths Debunked blog!). Shapewear should be comfortable and breathable, giving you total mobility and allowing you to eat, drink, breathe, and exercise as usual. That’s why proper sizing is so essential!

So grab yourself a tape measure and follow our easy peasy guide below to figure out your proper size!



For more tips on picking the ideal shapewear fit for your figure, check out our How to Choose the Right Shapewear blog!

Similarly to your shapewear, you want to find a shaping bra that fits your bust perfectly. You want to measure around your ribcage and around your bust (as indicated in the picture below).



Once you’ve got your two measurements, use the tables we’ve inserted below to find your perfect fit!



Get more help on how to choose the perfect fit for your shaping bra by following our bra fitting guide!

There we have it – the best shapewear for plus size queens!

Now you’ve got the know-how, it’s time to go forth and browse our wide range of shapewear designs to find yourself a fit that will have you feeling happy, comfortable, and confident!

If you wish to get more plus size shapewear tips, please don’t hesitate to check out our Ultimate Curvy Girl Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shapewear. It’s packed with commonly asked questions, measurement guides, and more!