Bras- Find Your Perfect Fit

Bras- Find Your Perfect Fit



Whether you fancy yourself as a lacy; satin, bralette or a pushup bra lover.  No matter your tastes, one thing we can all agree on is the need for the correct size bra to hold our assets exactly where we like them. 

Due to bra sizing varying greatly between brands and countries, sometimes you may find yourself eyeing up a bra, but also questioning the size you require.  Look no further! We have some hand charts below which can help you find your perfect bra size match! 


Bra Size Guide 

Grab a measuring tape and let the bra sizing commence! If you don’t happen to have a measuring tape, don’t worry! Grab yourself a piece of string or a scarf, something that is long enough to wrap around your chest.  Then you can use a ruler or smartphone app to measure that item. 

Whatever item you use, take two measurements, one around your ribcage and one around your busts (see image below) 

Once you have your measurements, you can then start finding your perfect size comfort bra, which you may find you never want to take off again… and you don’t have to, as they are so comfortable you can sleep in them!  Just use the charts below to find your ideal size Conturve bra. 

Save the Dressing Room Sweat!

 Dragging a mountain of bras into an enclosed dressing room makes us sweat just thinking about it!  Let alone trying on the bras with numerous tags digging into our precious bosom and the spotlights glaring down on us! None of that sounds appealing in the slightest. We know that!  


That’s why Conturve offers you the Perfect Fit Promise.   We want you to feel as comfortable as you can in our bras, and this way, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to order your perfect bra and try it on.  


Feel at your most confident and comfy with Conturve, keeping your womanly curves exactly where they deserve to be.