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Unveiling The Truth Of Lifting Your Spirits Up During Moments Of Low Mood

Unveiling The Truth Of Lifting Your Spirits Up During Moments Of Low Mood

The pressure we put on ourselves intensifies when life doesn't align with our expectations. As females, we are conditioned to bear the emotional load of consoling others, even while grappling with our own problems. How frequently have you found yourself apologising for shedding tears or offering false reassurance when you're undeniably not okay? How often have you stood before the mirror and demanded yourself to "move on"?

For those among us who have wrestled with eating disorders or self-destructive tendencies, this detrimental approach to managing unfavourable emotions can directly jeopardise our existence.

Consider this: If a friend approached you with a dilemma, would you instruct them to simply overcome it or criticise them for sharing their sentiments? Would you inflict harm upon them?

Chances are, you wouldn't. So, why do we tell ourselves to adopt such a mindset?

Kindness shouldn't solely be directed outward – it's essential to extend the same kindness to ourselves, particularly when life presents challenges. If mustering self-compassion proves difficult, adopting certain ways can help to create room for gentle self-care.

In all honesty, showing yourself compassion during moments of emotional turmoil holds the key to self-love and healing.

When your critical inner voice starts chastising your body or aspects of your life you wish to alter, calmly request it to quieten down.

Proceed by tending to yourself as you would for a dear friend undergoing struggles – take a stroll, engage in a jog, relish a soothing massage, treat yourself to a visit to your favourite spot, or simply settle on the sofa and allow yourself to have a good cry. Without any hint of shame, just an abundance of affection.