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In Honour of Baby Safety Month, Here Are 4 Self-care Tips For New Mothers

In Honour of Baby Safety Month, Here Are 4 Self-care Tips For New Mothers

September marks Baby Safety Month, a period urging parents to secure their homes for children, ensure proper car seat installations, and stay informed about the latest infant safety protocols and technologies. While these steps hold immense significance, we'd like to take a moment to gently outline to new mothers that caring for themselves is also among the paramount safety measures for their infants. Below are four uncomplicated self-care suggestions for new parents, empowering you to be at your best while cherishing and safeguarding your precious newborn.


1 . Stay Hydrated



    While we certainly support indulging in wine, the topic at hand is the classic and essential element: water. Regardless of whether you're breastfeeding or not, tending to a newborn can be draining if your body lacks an adequate supply of H2O. Ensure that you steer clear of unwarranted fatigue, headaches, and mental fogginess by having a water bottle by your side all day and scheduling hourly alerts to sip and replenish as required. The enhanced clarity you'll experience from proper hydration will pleasantly astonish you. This is a straightforward practice with the potential for positive outcomes.


    2. Rest is a priority



      A well-rested mother is more likely to be in tune with her newborn and better equipped to confront the unique trials of early parenthood. While adhering to the conventional advice of "sleep when the baby sleeps" might not always be feasible, we do recommend granting yourself permission (especially in those precious initial days!) to unwind whenever your little one takes daytime naps. This could involve reclining on your sofa, grabbing a quick revitalising nap, or merely sitting and relishing a few moments of tranquillity before addressing emails during your baby's naptime. Regardless of how these brief interludes of rest manifest for you, ensure that you take time to exhale and rejuvenate, even if it's only for a short

      while throughout the day.


      3. Accept that the idea of doing it all isn't realistic



      Avoid playing the role of a superhero (a role every mother inherently plays) with the idea that you should manage everything alone (an unrealistic and undesirable expectation for anyone). Liberate yourself from the weight of perfection by relying on your partner, seeking assistance from friends and family, and delegating household chores and non-essential duties where applicable. Your focus at this moment should be self-care, enabling you to care for your baby effectively. Therefore, endeavour not to waste time and energy fretting over accumulating dishes or other tasks. These can (along with most other things) be postponed.


      4. Embrace your community



      The concept of raising babies in isolation was never the intention, and attempting to do so can lead to a sense of isolation and unease for a mother. Whether it involves nearby family members, a local mothers' gathering, or connecting with friends who are also navigating parenthood, having a dependable support network is immensely crucial; especially for the mental wellness and general welfare of new mothers. Even participating in an online community of fellow mums can offer big advantages, serving as a reminder that you're not alone in the wonderfully chaotic journey of nurturing little ones. These are just a handful of the ways that new mothers can sensibly prioritise their mental well-being and establish a foundation for their own and their babies' success.