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Your Conturve size guide: Getting the right measurements for shapewear

Your Conturve size guide: Getting the right measurements for shapewear
Here at Conturve, we believe that size doesn’t matter when it comes to feeling fabulous in your own skin. Tall, short, big, small, and anywhere in between—all bodies are beautiful, and our shapewear collection works with your curves to make you feel as fabulous as you look. But size does matter when you’re choosing your shapewear…


Because getting the wrong size shapewear can not only be majorly uncomfortable or result in wardrobe malfunctions (like underwear rolling up or down), but can also be bad for your body too, with ill-fitting bras putting strain on your back, shoulders and neck—and we all know that feeling of relief when you whip off your bra when you get home because it doesn’t feel comfy.

Did you know…?

  • Approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra
  • Over 50% of women haven’t had a bra fitting for several years

It’s easy to get fitted for a bra once and then stick to one size, but remember that our bodies change, and that means our breasts too, so regular bra fittings are a must. But don’t worry, you don’t even need to leave the house to do this—you can do it yourself!

Just follow our easy guide to measuring your hips, waist and bust, and then you’re in the perfect position to choose the Conturve shapewear for you.



How to measure your hips

Measuring your hips is straightforward. Stand up straight with your feet together, and wrap a tape measure around your hips and bottom—but always make sure you’re wrapping the tape measure around the widest part in order to get an accurate hip measurement.


How to measure your waist

Getting an accurate waist measurement is a tiny bit trickier, as you have to consider your breathing at the same time, but here’s how it’s done:

Firstly, to find your waist you must find the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips—the halfway point between them is your waist (this should be slightly above your belly button).

Wrap a tape measure around your waist, and make sure it’s pulled tight but isn’t digging into your skin, breathe out naturally and take your waist measurement. And always repeat the process and take your waist measurement twice—just to be sure.


How to measure your bra size

It’s really important to wear a bra that fits you properly, and while you might think bra fittings are very specialist, taking your own accurate measurements at home is actually very straightforward! You just need to take two measurements:

  • Your bust size (this is the measurement around the fullest part of your boobs)
  • Your band size (this is under your bust, around your ribs)

All of the size guides for our Conturve bras tell you the bust size and underbust size, so as long as you have these two measurements, you’ll find your perfect fit—guaranteed.


Size guides for your shapewear superstars

We’ve rounded up some of our bestselling shapewear superheroes and size guides from our Conturve collection, so you can find new favourite fit:


High Waisted Shaping Panty



An absolute shapewear staple, our high-waisted shaping panty works effortlessly with any outfit, whether you’re wearing your fave frock for a fancy party or wedding, or you’re slipping into your everyday skinny jeans. The soft and seamless material hugs your tummy, smoothing out any lumps and bumps, but is so lightweight you get that barely-there feeling, for maximum confidence.



High Waisted Shaping Shorts



Sometimes bigger is better—and when you want shapewear to support your thighs, tummy and bottom, these high-waisted shaping shorts are the answer. Gently firming and slimming your shape, these shorts give you a svelte silhouette. But just because they’re big doesn’t mean they’ll be more noticeable—the lightweight and breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, and seamless fabric means no VPL, so they’re totally invisible underneath your outfit.



24/7 Comfort Non-Wired Shaper Bra



Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwires and rigid cups that make you count down until you can take the bra off… our 24/7 comfort non-wired shaper bra is blissfully soft and light as a feather, while giving you long-lasting bust support and an impeccable fit. It’s highly versatile, so you can wear the bra everywhere from the gym to work, and the foam cups sculpt your shape without any wires.



High Waisted Shaping Lace Panty



These are your go-to shapewear saviours when you want maximum sculpting support on your tummy, but want your panties to be fun, flirtatious and feminine too. Reaching all the way up to underneath your bra line, these pretty high-waisted shaping lace panties slim your waist to emphasise those gorgeous hourglass curves, with seamless no-pinch fabric around each leg so your legs are cool and comfortable.



High Waisted Shaping Leggings



A wardrobe staple, our high-waisted shaping leggings offer firm compression with a light touch, making them perfect for both an everyday look and exercising—the double anti-slip silicone waist also prevents any rolling down, making these especially perfect if you’re wearing them to work out or practice yoga. The high waist helps to slim and shape your figure, with an additional panel for extra tummy control, giving you soft support and a flattering figure.



Scoop Neck Cami



When you think of shapewear, you might not instantly think of a vest, but our scoop neck cami gives you maximum support in the style of top you might already be wearing underneath your outfits. Contouring to the natural curves of your body, the cami smooths out any lumps and bumps on your tummy and back, preventing the dreaded ‘muffin top’, while also supporting your bust without flattening it. It’s the perfect way to get a layer of secret support, without thinking about the waistline of your underwear.



High Waisted Shaping BoyShort



These are your ultimate shapewear superstars if you’re getting your luscious legs out in a pair of shorts, but still want some all-over support underneath your outfit. Our high-waisted shaping boyshort smooth and sculpt your waist, bottom and tummy, but stay hidden beneath your favourite denim cut-offs or a mini dress. Perfect for a season of picnics and summer parties.



High Waist Seamless Bonded Brief Underwear


Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with Conturve's Seamless Bonded Brief Underwear. Made from ultra-soft and lightweight fabric, it moulds to your curves for a smooth look and no visible panty lines. With laser-cut edges for full coverage, breathable fabric for all-day comfort, and a design that stays in place without bunching or rolling, these knickers are the perfect addition to your lingerie collection.



40 Denier Tear-Proof Shaping Tights



Say goodbye to tears and one-time wears with the Ladder-Proof High Waisted Shaping Tights!

These shaping tights are your next favourite wardrobe essential! They not only hug your curves and smooth your waistline, but they are also made from innovative tear-proof fabric, so you never have to worry about ladders again!




Open Bust Bodysuit Shaping Shorts

Introducing the Conturve Open Bust Bodysuit Shaping Shorts, the perfect solution for a comfortable and confident look. This shaper is effortless to wear, with no slips and roll downs and total comfort. It offers versatility and flexibility, allowing you to wear it with any bra under any outfit.


Open Bust Bodysuit Shaping Panty

Introducing the Conturve Open Bust Bodysuit Shaping Panty, the ultimate solution for a smooth figure. This bodysuit provides firm compression to the stomach, back, and hips.

It is comfortable, breathable, and soft, making it perfect for all-day wear. The brief cut raises the bum while the 360-degree design slims every angle. Adjustable straps keep everything in place while seamless for no show or irritation. It pairs with any bra and is effortless to pull on and take off in seconds. Achieve a flawless figure with the Conturve Open Bust Bodysuit Shaping Panty.



Scoop Neck Bodysuit Shaping Panty



Unleash your confidence with the Conturve Scoop Neck Bodysuit Shaping Panty! The ultimate solution for a smooth, sculpted silhouette. This bodysuit features a scoop neck Cami design that is flattering and can be worn under a variety of outfits. It provides targeted compression to the stomach, back, and hips that effectively contour your curves for a flawless look. 



Shaping Tank



Introducing Conturve's Shaping Tank, the ultimate solution for a sleek and flattering look.

This cami tank top is designed with wide, stretchy straps for added support and a customisable fit, perfect for wearing with or without a bra.

The seamless construction ensures a comfortable, itch-free experience, while the wire-free design eliminates digging.


Anti-ChubRub Cooling Shorts Size 4-36

Introducing the Conturve Anti-Chafing Shorts: Your Sustainable and Comfortable Solution for All Seasons

Experience the ultimate comfort and chafe-free protection with our innovative Conturve Anti-Chafing Shorts. Crafted from moisture-wicking fabric and featuring special yarn technology, these shorts keep you feeling cool and dry, even during intense activities. 


High Waisted Shaping Thong

Just because it’s a thong doesn’t mean it needs to be skimpy...

Whether you’re wearing your favourite figure-hugging dress or your everyday skinny jeans, this high-waisted thong gives you all the support of fuller high-waisted knickers, briefs and panties, but with no need to worry about VPL.

Made from super-soft, breathable fabric, the high-waisted thong sits just below the bra line, smoothing out any lumps and bumps and giving you maximum tummy control, while remaining light and comfortable.

To browse the entire shapewear collection, visit the Conturve website today.