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How to wash your shapewear

How to wash your shapewear

If you’ve recently experienced an increase in confidence, developed a spring in your step and strutted in that outfit you’ve been saving, then you must be a new owner of some shapewear!

With your newfound comfort and staple pieces of clothing, you may be wondering how to wash it in order for its effectiveness and lifespan to last as long as possible. No matter how much you love your shapewear and hate to be parted from it, it’s important that it’s kept clean regularly to stay hygienic and useful.

We hope you love shapewear so much that you’ve got some you can slip into whilst the rest get their TLC! We recommend swapping it over so that you’ve never been without it and get two occasions out of it before it’s washed. Having direct contact with your skin means it must be treated like underwear and kept as clean as possible!



If you want to stay organised and on top of your shapewear, make sure you have at least two matching sets so that you’re never caught off guard or have to go without! Alternate between the two, or your number of choice, and care for your shapewear the right way in order for it to work its magic in the best way!

There are two different ways you can wash your shapewear, by hand or in the washing machine. It’s up to you which way you decide and as long as you’re doing it correctly, your shapewear will thank you as it remains effective as your personal confidence coach!


How to hand wash shapewear



Shapewear can be washed by hand as long as you follow our list of tips and tricks that’ll keep it as perfect as ever!

  1. Use cold or warm water. Water that’s too hot can damage your shapewear and ruin the fabric.
  2. Use mild detergent. Detergent that’s mild and gentle will do the job perfectly. Try to avoid using bleach and fabric softener as the chemicals are too harsh for your delicate shapewear.
  3. Be gentle. Shapewear is designed to be soft to the touch with elasticity. If you scrub your shapewear too hard it can hinder the elasticity and damage the fabric. Take your time and you’ll be grateful for the results.
  4. Let your shapewear air dry. Shapewear can be damaged by too much heat so it’s important to let it air dry. Avoid dryers at all costs, they’re not shapewear friendly!


How to machine wash shapewear



  1. Set the cycle. Put your shapewear on a gentle cycle in order for them to maintain their effectiveness
  2. Use cold or warm water. As mentioned earlier, hot water can be damaging to your shapewear and so using cold or warm water is effective to ensure your shapewear will keep all its benefits! Keep in mind that chemicals can also be damaging so a mild detergent is crucial.
  3. Place them inside a wash bag. Protect the fabric of your shapewear by washing them inside a wash bag.
  4. Let your shapewear air dry. Too much heat can be damaging and must be avoided. Leave your shapewear to airdry and avoid putting them in a dryer.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks will give you all you need to know about washing and caring for your shapewear. To keep your shapewear fabulous and pro-long its deserving lifespan, it’ll be around to boost your confidence and make you feel like a queen for longer!

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