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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Spark Self-Confidence

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Spark Self-Confidence

If only we could create self-confidence and bottle it,  how much easier would life be?  Just squirt yourself with a spritz of eau de toilette and all your insecurities would vanish!  Unfortunately, I’m sure we can all agree ladies, it’s not that simple! So, here are 5 top tips from Conturve to help raise that self-appreciation and spark self-confidence.

Realise your strengths

There is no such thing as imperfections. Maybe there are things you don’t like yourself (girl we hear ya!) but these dislikes seen from another’s eyes might just be the most beautiful thing about you! Every curve and every contour makes you, YOU and that’s your superpower. 

When it comes to body image, the first step to developing self-confidence is understanding your body type. Whether apple; pear, hourglass or inverted triangle!!  Every single body shape has its strengths, whether you are blessed with legs up to your neck, toned arms or a nipped-in waist - if you dress to accentuate your favourite asset, you are sure to step outside, feeling tall and full of confidence. 

See the naked truth

See the naked truth. Literally!! Tanesha Awasthi, the founder of “Girl With Curves” and a body-positivity influencer, has excellent advice that might make you uneasy at first, but when practised, it has the potential to change how you view yourself forever! 

Tanesha encourages anyone who lacks self-confidence to look at their body in the mirror more often, and she doesn’t stop there, she advises doing your hair and makeup while being naked! *GASP* This may be uncomfortable at first (and slightly challenging if you are a mum who lacks any form of privacy!) but the theory is - looking at your naked body as you move and get ready will help you accept it and appreciate it and seeing it every day builds acceptance, with the hope to gradually lose the habit of picking it apart.      

Be a comparison-free zone

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - there is a reason that expression trends, and that’s because it’s true! 

We are perfectly unique, which means any form of comparison is doomed to failure and could potentially leave a Kendal Kardashian (insert any top model here) shaped dent in your confidence!  Please be kind to yourself, remember you are special and if you start to question your own self-worth and beauty- be that inside or outside, then pause that Insta scrolling, put the phone down and give yourself a break from being your own worst critic. 

End the judgement and comparison and love that gorgeous body your momma gave you! 

Don’t try to be a perfectionist

Seriously though… what even IS perfection?  Some of us might deem Ryan Reynolds as perfect (ahem), others might disagree and argue Idris Elba or Jamie Dorman. The greedy among us might just say all three (again… AHEM) - You get the idea!  We all have different tastes; different versions of perfection, so don’t set yourself an impossible task! 

We have a secret for you- the perfect body doesn’t exist!  What does exist is YOU. You are one in 7 billion. You are beautiful and so are your curves. So, let’s focus on our strengths and build self-esteem. Pay attention to all the positive things about yourself instead of dwelling on the negative. Set realistic goals, but make the first to love YOURSELF.

Marie Kondo your wardrobe 

Trust us, your wardrobe can make you feel good again. Try the Marie Kondo way to re-organise your closet. All you need to do is categorise your clothes. Keep the ones that spark joy and discard the ones that don’t make you happy anymore. 

This is also a great way to know what you may be missing. Maybe you need more blouses or don’t have enough of the right panties or the best shapewear. Once you know, you can shop more purposefully and get dressed without stress.